What is RRED?


RRED stands for Responsible Retailing of Energy Drinks. It is a grassroots campaign aimed at every retailer in the UK who sells energy drinks. Energy drinks are not recommended for children and we want retailers to stop selling them to children.

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The the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has carried out a study on the safety of caffeine. It confirms RRED's position that energy drinks have no place in a healthy child’s diet. View RRED's full response to the EFSA study

How you can help

Supporters family school pupils other professions Emailing your MP and CEO s of supermarkets

We would love to hear your story. Tell us about your experience of children and energy drinks.

Responsible Retailing of Energy Drinks is about ordinary people looking after their community. By joining forces we can make a difference and can effect change for the benefit of tomorrows generation. There’s a saying that goes “Facts Tell, Stories Sell”, so if we have enough stories from everyday people from all walks of life our message will be heard. Know More

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