RRED knows from our personal experience that bringing up children is not easy. Parents, grandparents and everyone involved with the care of children do a fantastic job and RRED wants to support all the effort and love that goes into the raising of a child. Parents care very much what their children consume and do not include energy drinks in the weekly shop. Many educate their children about eating a healthy diet and teach them about keeping sugar and salt down.
But kids will be kids and as they get older parents cannot be with them all the time. We do not know how many children are buying energy drinks at the moment because there are no figures available but we all know they do buy them. Many supermarkets offer own-brand cheaper alternatives to the major brands that dominate the market.



  • Read the labels when you are shopping. Energy drinks usually say ‘NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN, PREGNANT OR BREAST-FEEDING MOTHERS’ but sometimes you need a magnifying glass!
  • Watch out for the cheap alternatives so you can identify them as energy drinks
  • Ask your local shopkeeper to be a RRED retailer and if he or she agrees just let us know
  • Send the RRED letter to your local shops
  • Fill out our survey so we can provide evidence of support for the campaign
  • Send a link to the survey to your friends
  • Raise the RRED campaign with the chair of your parent council
  • Ask the head teacher of your child’s school if he or she will support RRED and refer them to the Professionals page of this website
  • Encourage your children to promote the RRED campaign in school


We will send posters, stickers and window flyers for use in school and in local shops. We can also provide a certificate for every RRED shop adopted by a school. We can provide you with sample letters. We can provide a representative to speak in more detail about energy drinks and RRED. Just let us know.

We would very much like to hear from you if you have experience with or actual knowledge of issues related to energy drinks and children. Please contact us..

  • We want to Hear from You

    We want to Hear from You