Has this happened to you?

Has this happened to you? I was in a supermarket recently, waiting in the queue. In front of me was a small girl aged about eight. She was holding three cans of the supermarket’s own brand of energy drink. Same size and caffeine quantity as the big name brands but each one costs about 35p. Because she was immediately in front of me in the queue I was able to watch the assistant as he served her.
He paid no attention at all to the energy drinks but passed them through the scanner as though they were any other item of grocery. She handed over her money and left with them in a bag.
I wanted to ask the assistant to refuse to sell them to her but I held my tongue. It should not be up to a member of the public to intervene. Of course parents should monitor and control what their children buy but they cannot be with them all the time and in their absence I think the shop has a duty of care to children like my young shopper.
If she is unaccompanied ask her if her mother knows she is buying these drinks. Tell her kindly she cannot buy them without her parents or responsible adult. Offer her an alternative. If energy drinks are not recommended for children then shops should not sell them to children. .

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