As well as parents, others have contacted RRED to share their concern about energy drinks and children; teachers, school-based police, health professionals, community leaders. They all have experience of the negative effects and agree ‘something should be done.’ This page offers advice, information and practical help to everyone who shares this concern.



  • Ask your local shopkeeper to be a RRED retailer and if he or she agrees please contact us
  • Send the RRED letter to your local shops
  • Put up a RRED poster in your workplace
  • Fill out our survey so we can provide evidence of support for the campaign
  • Send a link to the survey to your friends and colleagues
  • Raise the RRED campaign with the chair of the parent council in your local school
  • Ask the head teacher of the local school if he or she will support RRED and refer them to the Get Involved page of this website
  • Fundraise for a charity which campaigns for clean water in the developing world and ask people to donate what they would have spent on energy drinks.
  • Write to your MP, MSPs and local councillors asking them to support RRED


We will send posters, stickers and window flyers for use in schools and in local shops. We can also provide a certificate for every RRED shop. Use our sample letters. We can provide a representative to speak in more detail about energy drinks and RRED. Just let us know.
We would very much like to hear from you if you have experience with or actual knowledge of issues related to energy drinks and children. .

  • We want to Hear from You

    We want to Hear from You