Everybody has a view about what is best for children. Lots of people have good qualifications for their views like teachers, doctors and especially parents. So you may have heard about which food is good for you and why you shouldn’t eat that food. Being children means that a lot of the food and drink you consume is provided for you. So you may not even be aware of energy drinks or why they are controversial.
RRED thinks that if energy drinks are not recommended for children, then shops should not sell them to children so our campaign is aimed at shopkeepers. Children can also get involved with the RRED campaign.


  • Ask your parents and teachers about energy drinks. Do they like them? Do they think children should drink them?
  • Ask the head teacher if your school will support the RRED campaign.
  • Find out about energy drinks. What is in them? Why do some people become addicted to them? What do they cost? Why are they called energy drinks?
  • Do a mystery survey in your school. Who buys them? Who drinks them? Why do they drink them?
  • Design posters for use in local shops
  • Ask for an amnesty on cans of energy drinks
  • Fundraise for a charity which campaigns for clean water in the developing world and ask people to donate what they would have spent on energy drinks
  • Start a petition in the school ; ‘we the undersigned agree that energy drinks should not be sold to unaccompanied children under 16
  • Find out which shops sell energy drinks in your area
  • Visit the shops with your petition
  • Persuade local shops to become RRED retailers
  • Adopt those local shops and continue to work with them on healthy lifestyle projects
  • Invite local shopkeepers to meet you in school to find out more

And you will have many more ideas. Some items listed above are also on the Professionals page. This is because we guess that pupils will work with teachers and parents on the RRED campaign.


We will send posters, stickers and window flyers for use in school and in local shops. We can also provide a certificate for every RRED shop adopted by a school. Just let us know

We would very much like to hear from you if you have experience with or actual knowledge of issues related to energy drinks and children. Just let us know .

  • We want to Hear from You

    We want to Hear from You