Supermarkets’ Responses

RRED wrote to the supermarkets and here are their responses.


Name of CEO

Name of Retailer

Date of RRED Letter

Date of reply

Support RRED?

John Brodie Scotmid 8/11/13 14/11/13 Ongoing
Philip Clarke Tesco 8/11/13 21/1/14 No
Justin King Sainsbury 8/11/13 21/1/14 No
Andy Clarke Asda 8/11/13 28/11/13 No
Dalton Philips Morrisons 8/11/13 18/11/13 No (but trialling age-restricted sales)
Dieter Schwartz Lidl 8/11/13 No reply
Malcolm Walker Iceland 8/11/13 No reply


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    We want to Hear from You