Tomorrow’s people, tomorrow’s world

A quick look at the internet and it’s clear that concern about energy drinks and their impact on today’s children is rising fast, as people realise the issue isn’t isolated or localised.


Schools are on the front line and as awareness continues to rise I’m sure that stories about this issue will come to light in ever greater quantity. We all have our part to play in looking after tomorrow’s generation and no more so than the retailer who can decide who they do and don’t sell these energy drinks to. As with many new drinks and foods that we invent, the longer term effects, are as yet unknown, but it’s clear from the amount of noise on the internet about this subject, especially related to children, that something isn’t right.


So why not support our campaign and get involved, by looking at the get involved section on the website. We want to make sure that tomorrow’s generation is a healthy generation, that helps make tomorrow’s world a place, that we all want to live in, so let’s do our bit to make it so.

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    We want to Hear from You