What is RRED?

RRED stands for Responsible Retailing of Energy Drinks. It is a grassroots campaign aimed at every retailer in the UK who sells energy drinks. Energy drinks are not recommended for children and we want retailers to stop selling them to unaccompanied children under the age of 16.

Shops make their living from local communities. RRED believes that each shop has a responsibility to look after that community. Energy drinks are fine if you are old enough, but they are unnecessary in a child’s diet and unsuitable for his or her development.

RRED wants every shop to look after its future customers.


RRED has written to every major supermarket chain asking for the following policy to be adopted:

  • Shop workers ask for proof of age and refuse to sell energy drinks to unaccompanied children under 16
  • a red light alert to check age at the self service checkouts.
  • an advisory notice for on-line orders warning that these are not suitable for children.
  • placing energy drinks high up on shelves above child height.
  • advisory notices aimed at parents and children at appropriate points in the shop.
  • training and on-site support for staff.
  • working pro-actively with schools and community groups to support healthy lifestyle choices for children.

What did the supermarkets say?

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    We want to Hear from You