What does RRED stand for?
Responsible Retailing of Energy Drinks


What is RRED?

The RRED campaign wants shops to stop selling energy drinks to children.

Does RRED have any political affiliation? 


Why was RRED created?

RRED started when Norma was asked by a parent in her ward “Why do shops sell these drinks to children when it says on each can ‘not recommended for children’?” When Norma investigated she found that none of the shops in her ward had a policy about the sale of energy drinks so she wrote to all the major retailers and suggested they adopt the RRED code of conduct voluntarily.

How can I help?

If you are a parent or carer, teacher or other professional working with children or a retailer there is a page for you on this website under the Get Involved menu option. If you are a general supporter most of the actions for professionals will be relevant


How is RRED funded?

RRED is funded by the time and effort of our volunteers and by our sponsors

Who can get involved?

Anyone, just get in touch 

Can a business support RRED?

Yes please. Please contact us here at RRED and we will tell you more..

  • We want to Hear from You

    We want to Hear from You