When is a fact not a fact?

Life is full of twists and turns and making informed decisions can often be a challenge, when all around appear to have an opinion about the subject.


And therein lies the problem, too many of us are prone to making statements of ‘opinion’ and quoting them as ‘facts’, not necessarily intentionally, but because we believe passionately about the subject matter of the discussion. I know I’ve done it in the past, especially when being backed into a corner about something I’m passionate about, so when it comes to what’s right and wrong or good and bad for the children of today, it can sometimes be difficult to make informed choices for them.


Energy drinks and children’s consumption, is one of those subject matters that can fall into this bracket, because there is still limited factual knowledge about the effects of these drinks, except the evidence appears to tell a different story, when you start talking to people who deal with children on a regular basis. They see firsthand the results of children taking these drinks and from their view point there is something wrong. So the fact is that they see children drinking the drinks and then see behaviour changes as a result and to many have commented on this.


So if you are someone who has children or who has seen behaviour changes in children in connection with energy drink consumption then we want to hear from you, because if enough people have observed this, it will help the retailer see that selling these drinks to children is not a good idea as well as not being popular.
We all have a responsibility to the local community and for the health and well being of the next generation and this is why we want the retailers to help change the future for the better.


So feel free to tell us your story about energy drinks and children, so that we can be heard as one voice.

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  • We want to Hear from You

    We want to Hear from You