Why do we eat food?

Why do we eat food?
Is it the taste sensation created when we put the food in our mouths? This is clearly part of it, but the basic reason is that the body needs energy!

An athlete or sports person will eat foods that provide the energy they need and combined with the exercise they generally maintain a healthy body. So why don’t they eat lots of hamburgers, chocolate and other fast foods? Because they know it will affect their performance!

Today’s fast paced world –

With all the clever marketing and pressure applied to parents, it’s easy to see how they can be lead to take the easy option at times, when it comes to feeding their children. But, before we start condemning parents of today, perhaps we should ask another question – “how much education have the parents had about food and how it works?” – I suspect very little. We live in a world where we are continually told what’s right and wrong or good and bad, followed by a “we got it wrong!” it’s not bad for you after all. If you add this to the lack of actual education about food and how it works, mixed with lots of clever advertising and super easy / fast food, it’s no wonder we are where we are today.

Education –

Is probably the long term solution to the issues of today – think about it, we know that if we put water in the petrol tank the car won’t go and no one will convince you otherwise, but spend just a little time on the internet reading about what you should or shouldn’t eat or what diet works best and in no time at all you will be overwhelmed and totally lost!

Opinions, theories and facts are all mixed up, so is it any wonder there’s so much discussion about the subject of food!

Take a quick look at anything you’re good at – you know how it’s done and no one will tell you different, so imagine if people were educated about food and its impact on health from an early age. It would make a difference without any need to force people to do the right thing as they would make informed choices about the food they eat.

Unfortunately that world has yet to arrive, so we are in need of responsible people who will help ensure the health of tomorrow’s generations, which is what RRED is all about.

So if you’ve looked around the website and agree with what we are doing please take the relevant action and join the push to help look after the children of today.

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